Game Evolution – The Big Debate

Following the conference on November 5th we are holding an experts and influencers forum. We have asked key industry experts to debate the successes and challenges of kids tennis that they have witnessed around the globe, everything from competition to competencies, player development to programs! This is an open forum with a very limited number of tickets are available, it is not part of the conference and applications to attend will be available when registration opens on March 31st.

The event is limited to 50 participants.


  • 5 Panel Presentations Followed by Round Table Debates on key topics
  • Some of the best minds in kids tennis
  • A special keynote on the future of active kids
  • Lunch

Topics Include:

  • Stop Taking Lessons
  • The Place of Competition
  • Technology – Love the Enemy
  • A Parents Place – Are we failing or are they?
  • Athletes First – The Challenges of LTAD

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