Seven Day Updates

Just wanted to add a few updates just to keep you in touch with eveything.

1) First Quiz – The First “Just for Fun” Quiz is now live on the socrative app. If you haven’t downloaded yet then just go to the app store and download the socrative student app and enter the room evolutionics2018. Answer the 10 questions and you could win a prize!
2) Return of Serve – Wanted to remind you that we are running a racquet round up for this event! Bring a usable kids tennis racquet and donate at registration and we will give you a pack of our very popular “Court Warrior Cards” . Racquets will be donated to a community tennis project at the end of the weekend.
3) Update to Workbook – We have added an updated version of the GPS Workbook. There was a tiny error on the cover which one attendee spotted so we have amended and its attached. Nothing has been changed with the interior pages.
4) Website Updates – We will be using the website as a message board through the conference so please take time to add the link to your home screen. Just log into the website from your phone and in the top section of the page you should find a link to add to your homescreen.
As before we are adding all these updates to the website in the news section so you can find all the info that we are covering in these emails also.

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