Kate Zgaga

Kate Zgaga

Assistant Producer EA Games

Kate is the Assistant Producer on the Mobile version of EA Games Football Game Madden. A with a Bachelors in Journalism from Easter Illinois University and a Masters in Game Design from Fullsail University in Orlando she works on a team that make changes to the game in real time based on gamer’s behaviour, observing how users react and changing game mechanisms to keep the game fresh and engaging for the user.

She previously worked for both Sour Foot and Cellec Games where she was involved in developing games that engaged children in learning in the K-6 age group. A keen sports fan Kate is an exciting addition to the symposium!

Game Mechanics – Why it’s not just Points, Badges and Leaderboards

USPTA Conference Room

In this session one of the main developers of the EA Game Madden will discuss how we can use game mechanics and more to motivate our players. For years people have discussed Gamification in tennis without really understanding the psychology behind it. Now finally you will get the chance to understand why Gaming is growing […]