The Multi SkillZ Coach Education is powered by Coach2Competence. The core education course is organised on a regular basis in Belgium & The Netherlands and is composed of the following workshops

  • Introduction to Multi SkillZ: “Moving is winning!”
  • Multi SkillZ 1.0: “Make your children fond of moving”
  • Multi SkillZ 2.0: “Create a challenging learning environment”
  • Multi SkillZ Bootcamp: a unique 2-day method training

Multi SkillZ has the ambition to:

  • Make kids and adults fond of moving by establishing unique sport sessions
  • Educate and train coaches to enlarge the professional opportunities in the industry of sports and movement

We believe in professionalism, entrepreneurship and wellbeing in the sports and exercise industry so everyone, from kids to coaches, can regardless of age, skills and talents, discover and activate his or her potential.

Our values

  • Passion for sports and movement
  • Quality and reliability
  • Collaboration and respect
  • Positivism and dedication
  • Innovation and creativity

Our added values

With an open mindset Multi SkillZ wants to reinforce the sports sector by:

  • binding and supporting sports cross-border
  • engaging corporate partnerships with coaches, clubs, schools, cities, federations, organisations, …
  • facilitating professionalism and entrepreneurship

– have personal growth, social development and a healthy, active lifestyle for everyone by:

  • durable and interactive learning
  • creating a challenging learning environment
  • stimulating action as source for progress

– support sportscoaches  by:

  • daring to generate resources to create value
  • a systematic justified approach
  • continuously bringing our values into practice